SIP trunk channel

I have taken airtel sip trunk with 120 channel.But i want to check whether that 120 channel is active or not through asterisk .What is possible way to check whether 120 channel is active or not?

You’d probably want to be looking at calling an external script using “core show channels” to get the channel usage, or incrementing/decrementing a global var each time a sip trunk is created/destroyed.

The best way to ensure that you can use all 120 channels is to generate 120+ simultaneous calls to external working numbers and see 120 of them connect. When a call connects, keep it on until you are done dialing all the numbers(I would prefer to use some script to dial out those numbers, however you can also use CLI originate to dialout numbers).

Why 120+? because you have may have some numbers genuinely busy when you dial them.

The 120 is a commercial limit. The SIP protocol knows nothing about it. You can use group counts to track the number.

Thanks all of you for your valuable support .finally i did it .Thanks a lot

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