SIP Testing - Using Asterisk to Send Specific SIP Error Code

Hello all,

Currently we are developing a calling card system around asterisk. We are in the processes of implementing the outbound dialing routines and need to handle all possible SIP error codes that could be returned by upstream providers.

To do this we would like to configure an Asterisk server to mimic the upstream provider. On this server we would like to have a series of extensions that answer and then return the various SIP Error codes or SIP Error codes paired with possible “X-” type custom SIP headers. Something like this:

exten => 99503.1,ReturnSIPError(“503”)

Now of course the application ReturnSIPError does not exist, and I suspect that there may be some issues with doing something like this since the dialplan is mostly Channel Type independent. However, if anyone has any suggestions I would be happy to listen. I am pretty sure I can use SER/OpenSER to do something like this, but we would prefer to use Asterisk.

Anyone have any ideas? Is there a Dialplan APP/FUNCTION that will do this? Have I missed an existing post in my extensive searching on this subject?

Any info will be greatly appreciated!

I’m not sure if SipAddHeader could be useful to you, because I never used it, see … PAddHeader .


Marco Bruni