SIP Termination - Pay as you go - BYOD

  • The lowest international rates for individuals and small businesses
  • No monthly fixed charges - pay as you go
  • No obligations, no hidden fees
  • No equipment purchase necessary - BYOD
  • Use your SIP device, CallBack, or PIN to connect

For the rest of the Holiday season take an extra 10% discount for all destinations!

not sure i could trust anyone who can’t spell holiday on their homepage !!

I spend hours tweaking my Asterisk/SIP installation.
Which leaves NO time to ever actually make a call (;->). So why sign up with a plan (Vonage et al) that charges me essentialy like a PSTN telco does. For me the killer combination to kick PSTN telco here in the US would be local-number-for-my-area-code + pay-as-you-go + BYOD (Asterisk).
BTW, I use SIPGATE for all my VoIP phone calls to and from Germany. They offer the above (pay-as-you-go, BYOD (Asterisk) and a local phone number) so parents and friends back “home” without VoIP can call me at local rates. [Flame on] Way to go for all you Vonage people. [Flame off]