SIP show peers - Forcerport and ACL


We have started to use TCP for SIP but must ask what does Forcereport Yes or no mean? Also the ACL, port shows the source port for the request is this expected. Have not seen this when we run SIP over TCP.

Name/username Host Dyn Forcerport Comedia ACL Port Status Auto (Yes) No 21132 OK (4 ms)

Everything works as it should just curious how to interpret it

I don’t think it has any effect for TCP. For UDP, it means pretend that the Via header had the rport option set, which means ignore the address in the Via and send responses to the address from which you received the request. This is generally only relevant when the peer is inside NAT, Asterisk is outside NAT, and the peer doesn’t really know it is behind NAT.


And thank you for your reply, so I guess this is OK then . As i said everything works as it should and if I check with netstat the sourceport is the 21132 for the peer.

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