Sip show peer = unreachable


I’ve searched everywhere for some help on this problem but have finally thrown caution to the wind and posted my own topic in the hope that someone out there can help with my problem.

I’m new to Asterisk and PBX. I had a guy come in over the weekend and set us up with a an asterisk server running VICIDIAL.

everything works fine regarding calls etc. but the problem is the connection from asterisk to our VOIP provider GOTALK gets dropped after about 15 minutes and the SIP SHOW PEER = UNREACHABLE for our connections.

If i reset the server or use STOP NOW, then restart ASTERISK, the connection comes back for another 15 minutes and so on. The drop out is fairly random but doesnt happen during phone call (ie. no phone calls have ever cut out due to the drop out) only when the phone calls stop does it fail to call the next one.

Connecting directly from a smart phone to the VOIP server poses no problems so i’m assuming its some issue with Asterisk.

Having done my research my thoughts are it could be:

Modem related - we are conenction through Telstra with a thompson gateway, i’ve turned the firewall off to ensure itn not firewall related.

Provider related - ALthough gotalk do not offically support of give help setting up asterisk they say it will work through them.

Configuration related - here follows the technical bits.

register => 09436973:password:09436973@


xten =>0[23478]XXXXXXXX,1,AGI(
exten =>0[23478]XXXXXXXX,2,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}@goTalk,60,To)
exten =>0[23478]XXXXXXXX,3,Hangup
exten =>
exten =>
exten =>
exten =>_XXXXXXXX,1,AGI(
exten =>_XXXXXXXX,2,Dial(SIP/02${EXTEN}@goTalk,60,To)
exten =>_XXXXXXXX,3,Hangup

As i said, the connection terms works fine short term so i’m guessing the general settings are fine.

If anyone has anything that can help then i would greatly appreciate any advice or requests for more information or even blatent abuse for my lack of knowledge etc.



There are issues regarding session timers reported on You might want to look there to see if they are relevant.

gaaaaaaaaaa, i can’t seem to find anything on any forum which directly relates to my issue, its so frustrating. after it remained stable for perhaps a day or so, it became unreachable again today regardless of how many times i performed a stop now and then restarted asterisk or performed a full system reboot, then it randomly starts working again a few hours later. is there some sort of log i can examine to find out why the connection to the VOIP is so unreliable or should i just bite the bullet and try a new VOIP provider and or modem.

sip set debug

couldn’t get sip set debug to work, however, through trial and error i found that sip debug, and sip no debug produced the desired results. I think the issue is defiantly with the server disallowing connection reattempts over a period of time and then letting us reconnect again. Could this be some form of anti-hacker thing which prevents constant attempts at reconnection, ie some sort of brute force attack resistance. I tried adding the terms


to the account entry in the hope that they would reconnect when the connection is dropped but still, the server is unreachable until it randomly decides to allow us to re-access it after a period of time.

Thanks for sticking with me on this one, i’m convinced the problem is very simple and nothing to do with the setup of the asterisk sip.conf but some external source which isn’t cooperating, i’m very close to trying another VOIP provider, do you think this could make a difference. I spoke to gotalk yesterday and all they could advise me to do was to open ports 5060 - 5070 and 8000 - 8111 which i’ve done. But as the firewall has already been taken down for troubleshooting i don’t really see how that can help.

ok, the connection drops when our broadband connection which drops out for a few seconds every so often drops. Then fails to reconnect for a period of time. So now i know why the connection drops out, its just a case of either finding a way of getting it to reconnect instantly or creating a more stable broadband connection. Any thoughts??

If your broadband connection drops out that often, then it’s not going to be much use for making calls! I would work on that.