I recently made some phone changes to a system, including reessurecting an older Polycom SoundPoint IP 335 and started seeing messages like this on the console this is The (only) Polycom SoundPoint IP 335s IP address below:

[Sep 27 23:11:37] WARNING[1194]: chan_sip.c:29963 sip_send_keepalive: sip_send_keepalive to returned 0: Success

but once every few minutes says:

[Sep 27 23:14:07] WARNING[1194]: chan_sip.c:29963 sip_send_keepalive: sip_send_keepalive to returned 0: No such file or directory

In either case I do not need NAT Keepalives and it seems to be that the Polycom is requesting them, and I can not seem to figure out how to turn off this behavior completely as both the Polycom and asterisk are on the same LAN with no NAT between them, so it is completely unnecessary.

I have tried all the NAT settings in the extension and everything I find in the phone . I do not see any keep-alive settings in the phone at all.

Asterisk 13.14.1~dfsg-2+deb9u6 running on Raspberry Pi3

How can I disable this behavior?

Old sub-version of no longer supported branch.

Gee not looking for “official support” here on the forums looking for someone that might know . Clearly you do not so why bother?

I believe what @david551 was trying to convey is that people may not want to spend time even helping for free on an old version, because things can change substantially and it can be a waste of time. You’re free of course to stick on the old version and see if someone else chimes in.

It’s actually reporting a mismatch between the requested and actual write lengths. That test won’t set errno, which determines the final part of the message, so that may be out of date. The precise details will depend on the transport being used, as the paths through the code diverge and then reconverge just before the test that leads to the message, depending on the transport.

david551 Thank you for that and removing transport=tcp and conforming the setting on the phone seems to get rid of this annoying message.

I just wish you guys would realize that nobody comes here for “official support”, nor do you offer it. If you would prefer to avoid a topic for any reason including version of asterisk then do so but there is no need to try to shut someone down that has a question even if that question is not understood by you.

I am absolutely certain there are many people like myself that are running and have been running older versions of asterisk. We do not have the desire to upgrade and cause ourselves a whole new set of problems.

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