SIP Registry - sip show peers

I had to change the default port 5060 to 5062 for SIP. I made the change so that there wouldn’t be any problem with iChat interferring with . Well, I’ve made the changes in my sip.conf, sip_additional.conf, and on the handsets (Cisco 7940-60, Polycom IP300 + 500s). When I enter sip show peers, the port assignment comes back as being 5060. From where do CLI sip show peers, and AMP ->Asterisk info->Sip Registry get the port information. It doesn’t seem to be causing any problems, I just want to make sure that I’ve got everything configured to use port 5062. Could it be coming from the mysql db?

Thanks for your time,

the port in sip show peers is talking about the remote port. Your phones are configured correctly, they are just connecting FROM their port 5060 to your open port 5062. There is no need to change this, and your setup should work fine.

You can sometimes (but not always) change the local SIP port on a phone. Look for the option “Local SIP port” or “local control port” or something like that, change it from 5060 to whatever. This shouldn’t be required though