SIP Registrar Server

Hi there,

This is what I need help on.

I am trying to set up a SIP registrar server.

I have servers at different locations in the world and the users are also scattered across the globe.

I want to have the user registered to the SIP to its nearest location. Here is what my server should do,

It will listen for register packets, get the user IP and then decide on which server the user should be registered.

I don’t think this can be accomplished by dialplan or AGI scripting. I am sure this can be accomplished, but the question is that how do I take a start to it?

I don’t think this is an appropriate application for a back to back user agent, like Asterisk.

(In any case, this was the wrong forum for support questions.)

OK, just had some advice from a peer, this can be accomplished via a SIP express router such openSIPs and openSER.