Sip Trunking

Hope some one can help me out.

How do I connect my Asterisk server to another sip server?

The asterisk server is in US and the SIP server in Taiwan. They are using the appliance APPLICO. What we need to do here in US is just be able to connect to thier sip server.

That is rather ambiguous.

What sort of SIP server is it? Registrar, stateful proxy, stateless proxy?

Why do you want to connect to it? Do you mean you want to send a call from a SIP phone registered to Asterisk through to your Taiwan server?

Please clarify.

Thanks for the reply as you can tell kind of new with Asterisk.

Yes register is the way I think we can establish a connection to their sip server and yes we would like to send calls from a SIP phone registered to Asterisk through to their server in Taiwan.

They have setup their infrastructure so when calls come in through the sip server they can call anyone in Taiwan and China etc

Hope this helps, and thanks in advance.


Hmm still a little unclear.

A registrar server is a box that a SIP client communicates with to establish a presence. If your taiwan server is handling this and you just want to call SIP phones registered to that server from your US Asterisk box then you use Dial(SIP/whatever@taiwan.ip.address).

If you want your phones to register to Asterisk but for the calls to go through Taiwan then you need to set Asterisk up as your registrar by defining accounts for each phone in sip.conf. ON THE SIP CLIENT you then set your proxy address to be that of the taiwan server.


Getting close:

I have about 30 sip clients in US some in the office some remote in US. They can call anyone in US with no problem, what we like to accomplish is to be able to call anyone in US, Taiwan and China using our sip server. I was told by their team we need to have sip trunking setup in our asterisk box.

Here is how I have been testing this connection:

register =>

and this is the error message I get:

[Mar 5 05:52:54] NOTICE[1805]: chan_sip.c:12364 handle_response_register: Failed to authenticate on REGISTER to ' (Tries 3)