SIP provider US


I have been using Viatalk as my US provider for a few years now, and until recently I had been very satisfied with them. However, for the last few months their service has left much to be desired - constant authentication failures, registration failures and servers unavailable. So I am looking to switch, and I am asking you for recommendations. I need: un-metered calls in the US, local numbers, multiple “lines”, and of course, Asterisk compatibility. I would also want to keep my existing Viatalk numbers, so the new provider should be able to handle number transfer. Any suggestions?


It depends on the careful search of the voip market. There are many providers out there announcing lots of features and facilities but I suggest you go for them after trying what they are offering. is one of the popular voip service providers in US which is also listed on the leading voip site ( is also well reputed voip provider.