SIP Provider Registration

Hi there,

I am actually new in this VOIP field. Is there anyone who can suggest me some good sip provider in Europe?
After reading some asterisk configuration pages, i came across two things sip trunk and sip line. What is actually the difference? Do I need a Sip trunk provider for my asterisk registration? Any expert out there who can help me?


Any difference between a “sip trunk” and a “sip line” is policy or marketing by someone. There is no such thing within SIP itself. If you want access to the traditional telephony network, then a provider is needed.

You don’t need registration on the provider side, unless they insist on it, or you are unable to provide them with a stable IP address. Providers aiming at significant sized businesses will allow registration free operation, but ones targeting domestic users and SOHO businesses, almost certainly will. SIP generally works more smoothly without registration on the provider side, as caller ID and incoming dialled numbers flow naturally, so you need less, provider specific, configuration to handle them.

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