SIP Problem

Hello! I am new to the asterisk and VoIP technology… So, my technical terminology may seem “dummy”. Anyway, my problem is:
While I register the two soft phones on the asterisk on the same network (both smartphones connected on the same wi-fi), the call goes successfully, and both users can hear each other. However, when one of them is connected to wi-fi and the second is on 3G, both users can call each other, but they don’t hear each other and the quality bar gives minimal rate. What may be the obstacles? Please, any help…

NAT and firewalls·

So, what shall I do with the NAT? Turn it off? or what? Sorry, but am still a “rockiee” in the networking domain…

You need to learn about networking. Peer support forums are not alternatives to training courses or paid consultants.

ok, am getting some info, but I mean I have to turn off the NAT in the SIP.conf or to do with the router at home???

You need to setup the correct nat setting for your sip.conf file… you can use as reference the sip.conf sample file, there is a section called nat support. it Will help you to Understand. And also on your router you must setup the correct NAT setting