Sip notify presence state

Dear Community.

I am fairly new to Asterisk and have a problem regarding sip notifications.
I have the following working so far:
Extensions subscribe to each other, receive notifications of extension state changes.
Hints defined with extension and presence, for example exten => 112,hint,SIP/112&Custom:112,CustomPresence:112

Changes in extension state are sent out by Asterisk 13.18.0 correctly, but Presence State changes do not trigger sip notifications. When a presence state changes, no notify is sent.

I could manage without that, although the docs suggest that this should work, see Asterisk WIKI Presence+State
The example in this link does not send a sip notify

As a workaround, i could change the presence state and then the extension state using the Custom:112 (in this case) to trigger the sip notify.

However, the presence state is not sent correctly in the sip notify xml, it always looks like presence state is “busy”.

If the tag in the xml would contain “chat” and not “busy”, my problem would be solved.
Looking forward to suggestions and help. Thank you all in advance.
I wanted to add a hint and an xml as an example, but the system wouldn’t let me add that many “links”