SIP message format for showing a text on phone screen ("SMS")

Hello, clever people.
I hope I’m not too off-topic here, but I don’t know how to categorize my need at help:

I’m trying to format a simple SIP message that will cause my Fanvil phone to show a text message (“SMS”). When using AMI - I was able to send the message to the phone (with some errors in sender id not going through correctly) but what I’m trying to achieve now is the simple underlying SIP protocol message that goes to the phone (UDP).

Can someone please help me make such a test message I’ll be able to send by a UDP terminal and to see it at work?

Many many thanks for that!

Just an update, hope it will help others.

Just found this great link that explains and shows a great working example of it. Pasted the example to my UDP terminal - and have the “Hello World” message on my phone screen.

SIP SIMPLE – Instant Messaging with SIP

One Asterisk way to do it is with MessageSend application:

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