SIP-ISDN Early Media Disconnect

I have an Asterisk connected via ISDN to a SIP provider. When I make an outgoing call to an early media number, the call only stays connected for exactly 1 minute after receiving a PROGRESS message from my ISDN/SIP provider. Then the Asterisk sends a disconnect. Per Digium the provider should be sending a CONNECT; however I am familar with early media on SIP and 1 minute simply isn’t enough time on an early media call for the provider to always send a 200OK which would convert to the CONNECT. I took the Asterisk out of the picture and replaced it with another ISDN PBX. This PBX didn’t have a problem, it took 1 minute and 30 seconds after the PROGRESS to receive the CONNECT, this PBX didn’t disconnec the call after 1 minute. Seems to be a timer issue on the Asterisk. Anyone know how to adjust the timer between receiving an ISDN PROGRESS and an ISDN CONNECT? (default seems to be 1 minute)

I tried to search for a ISDN timer such as T301, which is the closest I can find; but that is the timer between an ALERT and a CONNECT; I don’t think it would apply to PROGRESS unless someone knows that for sure? I also tried different protocols (NI2, 5ESS, 4ESS) since some protocols have different timers built into them by default, but no difference. All other calls work fine, just when making an early media call that has a PROGRESS >1 minute that the call drops.


do you still have this issue ?