SIP INFO + Media Bypass

Hey guys,
I’m facing an issue here:
I have a scenario where I have two sip trunks interconnected to Asterisk and I want them to call each other, with Asterisk being some sort of intermediator.
When I set the enviroment to allow Media Bypass (one peer sending media directly to another, without trafficking RTP through Asterisk), the SIP INFO Dtmfs doesn’t work correctly: the Asterisk holds the first digit until it receives a second one and then send it to the other side, and this goes on for the next ones.
But, when I “disable” Media Bypass, SIP INFO Dtmfs works as it should.
Anyone knows if this is a missconfiguration mistake? Is this expected to happen?
Any help will be aprecciated.
Roberto Neves.

Same issue of this topic:
Wich has no solution as well :frowning:

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