Asterisk do not send the first DTMF SIP Info signal

Hey guys, I’m having some trouble with DTMF.
I have two Sip trunk configureds on my Asterisk using Dtmf method SIP Info. When I bridge calls between this two trunks the first DTMF sent is not forwarded to the other side by Asterisk. Asterisk only sends the first Info message when it receives the second one.
Have you guys ever seen this?

Another information around this topic:
The duration informed on the body of the SIP Info message is the time inteval between the two sip info messages i received.

Hey guys, don’t know what the hell is happening but I found a workaround:
On the configuration of the trunk, i commented the line “disallow=all”. I’m still using the same codec (g711a), but for some reason when this configuration is set, the infos don’t work perfectly.

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