SIP INFO is not present in Allow header

Hi all,
As we know, Asterisk supports SIP INFO method - at least, for DTMF processing.
However, I found out that Asterisk does not include INFO in Allow header even if DTMF method is set as “info” for the respective endpoint.

This violates RFC3261, section 20.5:

All methods, including ACK and CANCEL, understood by the UA MUST be
   included in the list of methods in the Allow header field

Is it a bug, a feature or a configurable item?
P.S. Asterisk 13.23, PJSIP channel driver.

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It’d be a minor bug that it is not added to the global Allow line by res_pjsip_dtmf_info.

I agree that it is not critical.
So, should I raise it in JIRA?

That is where issues should be reported, yes.