SIP INFO: handle_request_info function


What I can Do
I’m currently trying to get Asterisk to pass a SIP INFO messages from one peer to another through the chan_sip driver. What I have been able to do is have the messages come from my client, have handle_request_info() function recognize the message and grab the body of the message which is a bunch of XML.

What I’m Sure How to Do
I now need to be able to take that message I now have and pass it on to the connected leg of the call (in other words the other peer). Currently I’m trying to get this working 1-way but per the spec I do expect I’ll be getting back a SIP OK once the initial messages reaches the final client.

Does sip_pvt contain a pointer to the next leg of the call?

More or less I just need to build the message (correctly) and use something like sip_sendtext but instead of a message it’s an INFO method.


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I don’t believe the sip_pvt structure contains such a pointer even when native bridging.

The link to the other call is via the bridge link in the device independent channel structure.

As far as I know Asterisk only passes RTP outside the core.