SIP Request: INFO

Hi everybody,

I’m not so familiar with asterisk (version, but I’d like to do the following and need some help.

This is the flow I want to achieve:

DUT --> INVITE                    --> Asterisk
DUT <-- [207] Authentication Req  <-- Asterisk
DUT --> ACK                        --> Asterisk
DUT  --> INVITE                    --> Asterisk
DUT <-- [100] Trying               <-- Asterisk
DUT <-- INFO                       <-- Asterisk    <<< This <<<
DUT --> [200] OK                   <-- Asterisk

Asterisk --> INVITE         --> B
Asterisk <-- [100] Trying   <-- B
Asterisk <-- [180] Ringing  <-- B

How can I get Asterisk to send a [SIP Request: INFO] back to the Caller?

Thank you in advance for any information!


What do you want to achieve with INFO ? This is not part of the negotiation standard IMO.

Sorry for my (very) late response.

I’d like to get the INFO in advance to know, if my call will be internal or external.
I already figured out that this might not be a standard IMO.

Any help? Perhaps anyone already having a way to implement this?


Asterisk only uses info for post-connection DTMF.