SIP/IAX trunker

Hello community!
I know this is not a right place but please help me in this. I’ve an issue, I’m trying to setup a voip business in my country(uganda). I had setup the asterisk pbx and it’s working very well.
Now i was looking for a sip trunk provider partner. But each provider i get what’s to charge me according to their international call rate. say like uganda call rate is $ 0.3339 = 1125.91 ugx shillings per minute. (this is our exchange rate for us dollar; 1 us dollar = 3372.00 ugx shilling), this is international rate.i mean i want to have my own call rate since here in Uganda i can’t just charge my users according to their international rate it has to be local. Do you get what i mean?
This is no business at all, here most Telecom companies charges their customers around 3 to 8 ugx shillings per second. this is equivalent to 0.000857143 us dollar.
Please can anyone refer to me to a cheap voip/sip trunker whole seller/partner business who can suite my need and to carryout my voip business.