Sip extension i want it only connect from WAN not locally

Hello ladies and gentlemen

I have a sip extension running on my android phone. I want to use it only from WAN not within the local wifi (because i have different queues)

my internet connection is dynamic and i use the to gain access from WAN

i tried in the extension’s settings (sip.conf, but actually through the freePBX page) to deny/permit etc various tries without any success

when i connect through the LAN the asterisk’s cli says:
sip extension 2 connected through 83.322.XX.XX:XXXX which is my wan ip address

(its the problem also of the modem/ router that has no option to not forward the ports requested from the LAN connected devices)
Do you have any idea please?
maybe to ban in my server, the address i have?
thank you a lot :slight_smile: