2 WAN for Asterisk Server


My Asterisk is in a LAN, which has 2 WAN interfaces.
In sip.conf you specify the following:
externip = (WAN-IP-1)

Do I still have to list the WAN-IP-2? If so, on extra line, or just by a distance on the same line, or how?

Basically, access to Asterisk via WAN-IP-1.
But for a few Sip applications a static route via WAN-IP-2 was made.


The chan_sip module only allows a single external address to be configured and used.

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Uh … so I can not operate a fail-over system?

It depends upon exactly what you need and how you want it to work. If you have something external monitoring things you could update the IP address and reload the configuration file. You can also use a dynamic DNS hostname and have that be updated, and then chan_sip will (based on your configuration) periodically do a DNS query and update itself.

Or use PJSIP, where you can configure different transports, each with a different external IP address (and port).

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If you are big enough, you obtain an autonomous system number and operate Border Gateway protocol, so that both interfaces are recognized, globally, as relating to the whole machine.

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i used to a bash script which change externip with ip address of actual working NIC