Sip.conf with DID number


I am a new Asterisk user. I have 1.6.0 installed, as well as a soft phone and all are working.

I am trying to set up my DID number and the correct SIP configurations, and I’m a bit lost, as to what’s not working and why.

Here is what I have in my SIP trunk —>

insecure=port, invite

My DID provider has informed me that my “mapping” is incorrect and the correct “mapping” is DIDnumber@IP, but I can’t seem to get this to work. Also, they have informed me that there is not any registration string from their side.

I’ve been trying all sorts of combinations, without much luck or feedback. I am completely lost, despite having searched forums, other internet resources and books.

If someone could point me in the correct direction, I’d be extremely grateful!

Thank you for your patience and time!

I think it is just DIDNumber. Normally, though, you would match on host and configure them as a peer.

Also, port is not normally needed, but if used has to be a port number, not an IP address.

However, as new Asterisk user, you shouldn’t be using 1.6.0. It is no longer supported. 1.6.2.x is the only supported 1.6 branch.

Incidentally, I think the term DID is abused in this context. In fact, if you only have one possible number, you don’t really have direct in-dialing.