Sip.conf linenumber


Is there a easy way to add a numeric line to a user defined in sip.conf. I use alphanumeric users in sip.conf and wants this associated with a logic line number instead of the username

[softphones](!)   ; create a template for our devices
type=friend         ; the channel driver will match on username first, IP second
context=from_internal   ; this is where calls from the device will enter the dialplan
host=dynamic        ; the device will register with asterisk
nat=no             ; assume device is behind NAT
                    ; *** NAT stands for Network Address Translation, which allows
                    ; multiple internal devices to share an external IP address.
secret=My secret   ; a secure password for this device -- DON'T USE THIS PASSWORD!
dtmfmode=rfc2833       ; accept touch-tones from the devices, negotiated automatically
disallow=all        ; reset which voice codecs this device will accept or offer
allow=alaw          ; which audio codecs to accept from, and request to, the device
allow=gsm          ; in the order we prefer

callerid=033691473 <1473>

So I wanted to have user 00:AA:BB:CC:DD:FF:GG also have a linenenumber 1473


No. The referencing of the peer object by what’s in the brackets there is not coupled to any extensions (what you dial) to actually ring that device.

You do that in your dialplan.

Ok thank you.
I know that I “normally” must do this in the dialplan.
Now I created this for all my phones

exten => 1473,1,Dial(SIP/AA:BB:CC:DD)
exten => 1474,1,Dial(SIP/EE:FF:00:11)

but How I fix this for

exten => _14XX,1,Dial(SIP/this is what I don’t know)



Don’t use a pattern.

Define dialplan hints without using a patern, then recall the hint value.

Make the priority 1 set a dialplan variable, then you can use the pattern for the remaining priorities.

Use Astdb as a lookup table.

Use “realtime” and use a join.

Try asking on a Support forum.