Sip register with string [changed to Asterisk Support]

Hi guys,

I’m trying to register my peers with [String] instead of number [1000].
However, I don’t want to create the dialplan for each user…
I’m trying to use the users.conf and the option alternateexts to give a extension number for each of my users, however, I can’t get this to work.
The log shows this:
WARNING[25809][C-00000003] chan_sip.c: Purely numeric hostname (1000), and not a peer–rejecting!
WARNING[25809][C-00000003] app_dial.c: Unable to create channel of type ‘SIP’ (cause 20 - Subscriber absent)

Has anyone here done something similar? It will be a pain to configure a dialplan for each user…


Wrong forum.

In any case you are going to have to provide more information.

Sorry for this, changing this to Asterisk Support.