Sip client registers through VPN tunnel as gateway IP addres

Subject line pretty much says it all. The Asterisk server is at home in a 192.168.57.* subnet. When I log into my home network over a PPTP connection, I get as my VPN address.

My 3CX softphone can register to the asterisk server but it is shown as having the IP address which is my home gateway (and VPN server) address.

Shouldn’t I be registered under the address instead?

I ask since my simple dialplan of:

exten => 200,1,Answer() same => n,Playback(hello-world) same => n,Hangup()

Results with the following output from asterisk:

I can’t get asterisk to playback the hello-world and hangup. I get the error instead. I’m thinking it might have to do with this IP address problem. Any ideas?


It works using x-lite but not 3cxphone