Sip Audio?

Hi, I was wondering if someone could help or guide to what I might have wrong. I previous configured my elastix server with no issues and everything works with my SIP trunk. Now that I want to call using zoiper on my data plan and call another ext there is no audio. But If im within the the sub-net of elastix there is audio.

zoiper iphone data-----calls ext 300------granstream (on the same sub-net as elastix)= no audio zoiper iphone wifi (same sub-net as elastix)-----calls ext 300------granstream (on the same subnet as elastix)= yes audio

I get audio using zoiper after adding on the sip nat.config on elastix to

nat=yes externip = 190.xx.xx.xx localnet=

but after doing that when i call the pbx the IVR answers but then after 5 seconds it hangs up so i thought it has to be something with the network

Then I was looking at network settings on elastix as you see there’s 2 network cards one is LAN and the other is the trunk, But whats odd the eth0 has a different IP from the trunk config on elastix. So i did a trail/error

i reedited the sip nat.config nat=yes externip = localnet=

after doing so that IVR goes though without any issues but now zoiper audio does not work

So after that I realize something is wrong with the network on elastix, the person before never really gave any information about the setup so im right now trying to decipher

So i guess my real question is, there Any way or somehow to make Elastix think that my WAN is the instead of the

Then reedited my trunk settings

then after editing my trunk settings i get this

granstream(LAN IP) voice to zoiper(3G) ----One way audio—Zoiper can hear the voice but not the Granstream

Been at it for a while not sure what im doing wrong and now im thinking its something in the trunk settings.

Thank you See pictures

From the tab System, check you network settings and tell us what is you gateway.
Also if you can, connect with putty to your box and run the command route.