Single-CD Linux distro for Asterisk?


Some users here seem to like Gentoo, but I failed installing it usiong the 2006.0 LiveCD (GTK or ncurses).

Others recommend RH-based distros like CentOS, but will it install if I use either “CentOS-4.2.ServerCD-i386.iso” or “CentOS-4.3-i386-LiveCD.iso”, or should I use something else (nothing arcane that would take me days to set up, please)?

Thank you

The livecd is a demonstration/recovery cd - if you wish to actually install it, don’t use the livecd.

You might give this ISO a try:

[quote=“MuppetMaster”]You might give this ISO a try:[/quote]

Thx! Installed and detected my el-cheapo Tiger 3XX Modem/ISDN Interface :smile:

Now, on to actually learning Asterisk…