Auto destroying calls

Has anyone run into this issue…

I’m on a call for a few minutes and all of the sudden the caller can no longer hear me. It’s almost as if the phone has changed over to a half duplex or something. Not sure but shortly after the call I checked the log and found the following entry…

Dec 8 22:21:06 DEBUG[1750]: Auto destroying call '12afafadd5033789@’
Dec 8 22:21:07 DEBUG[1750]: Auto destroying call ‘c373d168079b5c70@’

Thank you.

Is the phone on the same subnet as Asterisk? Is there any NAT between the two?

need more info. If you get one way type audio, this can be a network issue or it could be silence suppression (VAD) is turned on.

The phone is on the same subnet as Asterisk. I ended up physically seperating my voice network from data network and have not had any issues since.

Thanks for your help.

Scott :smiley:

So do you not want silence supression enabled?