Silence suppression bug

I have this problem on AAH 2.5 with only sip adapters (PAP2 and sipura 3000).

  1. A (an external incoming call) calls B (an AAH extension) over a sip trunk
  2. B answers
  3. B presses #70 to make on hold A
  4. A hears choppy music on hold if A doesn’t talk (if A talks music is ok)

In this page
I found the problem description
"Asterisk uses the incoming RTP Stream as a timing source for sending its outgoing Stream. If the incoming stream is interrupted due to silence suppression then musiconhold will be choppy. So in conclusion, you cannot use silence suppression. Make sure ALL SIP phones have disabled silence suppression. There is a solution for the silence suppression problem, see bug 5374 for details."
I have never installed a patch and the patch how is too short :frowning:
How can I do this?
Can this patch solve my problem?