Silence during atxfer .... BUG 9650


I am experience the next behavior of asterisk when I use atxfer feature:

When I make atxfer with ## no matter if its on zap line or sip phone
and put down headset till extension where I transfer a call answers the call,
calling side stops hearing MOH but also don’t gets dial tone.
So calling side gets silence till somebody answers a transferred call.
If it lasts long enough it could bring calling side some misunderstanding of
what happens…

Could it be solved somehow or it is a common problem of atxfer since it also
tries to behave as normal transfer feature on hardware PBX


PS As I found out it is reported as bug 9650
( … ug_id=9650 )

It stays that it is resolved 03 dec 2007 in 1.4 as of revision 90548 and trunk as of revision 90550

But at the moment I use Trixbox 2.4.0 with asterisk 1.4.16-1 that released 2007-12-19 and as far as I understand it should contain the fix of that problem

Does anybody experiences the same problem and do we need to reopen this bug?