Signal for "reload" command

Colleagues, tell me, please, the answer to my question.

I want to rotate Asterisk log files using newsyslog utility.
I have already discovered that after rotating the log file, Asterisk needs to get the “reload” command, otherwise it does not write anything to the new file.
Newsyslog can send signals to applications.

Does Asterisk have a signal that causes configuration files to be reread?

Thanks for the answers to my question,

You should only be sending logger reload, not a core reload.

It looks like you would need to use the R option on newsyslog.

Alternatively you could use syslog for the logging, and not have Asterisk deal with log files, although document this well for the next maintainer, as advice here will assume logs are in the standard files.

You can also have Asterisk do the rotation itself.

I always route all logging through syslog – and to a single file, and frequently to a single ‘loghost.’

Application specific (not just Asterisk) log files are evil. They tend to be formatted inconsistently, obscure temporality and get forgotten until they consume all disk space.

So many more reasons to use syslog().

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