ShoreTel 230 integration

Hello all,
I am embarking on a journey to integrate the ShoreTel 230 (IP Phone) into an Asterisk environment and was wondering if anyone has already managed to do so with any ShoreTel equipment. Any advice to get this rolling will be much appreciated. Thank you.

I to have a ShoreTel 530 IP Phone and as yet have still not been able to get it to work with Asterisk. As far as what i can tell the ShoreTel IP Phones only work with the ShoreTel system. If anyone has got a ShoreTel IP Phone to work or knows if they will work with asterisk let me know. Thank you

ShoreTel uses MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol) to communicate it’s phones to it’s switches. Asterisk uses the SIP protocol so you will not be able to use a ShoreTel phone with Asterisk.

If anyone knows otherwise, please let me know!!!

Asterisk should be able to support mgcp clients, have a look here: … +mgcp.conf .


Marco Bruni