Shared lines with SIP

Is there a way to have multiple SIP handsets share extensions, such that when an extension is in use, it’s apparent (visibly indicated) on all handsets… and someone can drop into a bridged (conference) call just by picking up that extension?

I’m trying to emulate how multiple analog phones would work on a residential internal loop in the old POTS days, such that I can holler to my wife or kids “pick up line 2” and they can jump on the call by picking up that extension.

I’m running 18.7.1. I have SIP signaling to my ITSP. My handsets are a mix up SPA-504G’s and -942’s if that makes any difference.

It was suggested that a Parking Lot + BLF might be the best I could do, but frankly I liked the convenience of the simple/stupid analogue functionality.

You can use & in hint extension “dial” strings.

I’m not sure how they are combined.

With Asterisk 18, you should be using chan_pjsip, which allows you to register multiple phones against one endpoint. I’m not sure if there is something that allows you to set a hint for endpoint as a whole, and, again, I’m not sure how the individual contacts get combined.

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