Setup of a Eval Server


Very new to asterisk (read hours)

I want to setup a test/evaluation server of asterisk that could service 1 to 4 work areas.
I plan to install on an existing Fedora x64 machine and need a little guidance.

Here is the desired configuration:

single analog incoming voice (pots) line

work stations would be conected via soft voip running on various pc’s or tablets
I’d like voice messaging with the capibility to forward messages via email as mp3
provide custom user messages & phone menus to incoming calls for ea extension
optional fax capability via separate printer and scanner

The server is a quad core 3ghz xeon w 8gb memory running Fedora 14 w/several hundred gig of disk space raid 5.

Quick question:
Can I use basically any old 56k win modem (wintel -pci) or do really need to find a higher end modem card?
I’m limited on pc slot space, with perhaps 1 free pci-x, pci or a pci-e slot, could a USB modem be utilized instead?

any online guides on how to set all this up?


This is not the support forum.

Generic voice modem support hasn’t existed for some time. The single channel FXO card (X100p) that was really a win-modem in disguise may also no longer be supported. They will require software echo-cancellation which is nothing like as good as that done with hardware assistance.

My experience is that SIP soft phones are poor compared to hard ones.

MP3 is a very inefficient format for telephony quality audio. You’d need to run it at a very low bit rate and sample rate to get similar compression to a proper telephony codec.

64 bit builds may have stabilised now, but not so long ago they were causing people problems. The only real reason for going 64 bit is that you can’t get 32 bit hardware.