Setting up res_pjsip_acl

I’m currently migrating from chan_sip to pjsip and I’m trying to set up res_pjsip_acl to have at least an acl of some sort even if it is not per endpoint.

Based off reading I know I can have it reference ACL.conf, but the part I am getting stuck on is if I need to add anything to sorcery.conf.

When I do set it in sorcery.conf with the following line: acl=config,pjsip.conf,criteria=type=acl

I get the error: ERROR[25352]: res_pjsip_acl.c:294 load_module: Failed to register SIP acl object with sorcery

Am I not supposed to add this to sorcery.conf to get it to load out of the pjsip.conf file?

Finally is there a schema known to be able to load acls for res_pjsip_acl from realtime like there is for acl.conf?

Edit: So far found regardless of if I have it in sorcery.conf undera context [res_pjsip_acl] or not seems to have it load from that static pjsip file. Whether I set realtime or not seems not to matter

Update 2: I tried setting up it in a “realtime” set up where the static pjsip acl pointed towards a realtime acl context in a mysql database. So I set up the acl.conf as realtime, and it successfully loads it, (which I had deny in it). After I add the permit for my current IP of my phone and subnet, I reload teh ACL assuming that is a consumer of the acl object and should reload it’s stuff when I reload acl.conf as listed on

This didn’t seem to make a difference, though the actual acl shows as updated.

So I am at a complete loss of how to proceed. The end goal is to have at least some form of ACL for PJSIP in a realtime set up to avoid reloads once (or if) this ever makes it to a production environment.

It was not clear for me either when I’ve moved from chansip to pjsip, but I’ve found that I had to put the acl in both acl.conf and pjsip.conf to make it work.