ACL with PJSIP reload not working


I created a named ACL in acl.conf. I have that ACL referenced in pjsip.conf. The ACL is working as intended, but when I update my ACL the change is not applied.

So for example when I add a new IP to that ACL I then reload ACL when I check with acl show dispatcher-acl the new IP is visible there. But it has has not been applied to PJSIP (Incoming SIP message from newIP:5060 did not pass ACL test), even when I reload PJSIP. The only way to apply this is by restarting Asterisk or by removing my reference from PJSIP then reload, add it back and reload again. Am I doing something wrong or is this so by design?




type = transport
protocol = udp
bind =
tos = cs3
cos = 3


type = endpoint
transport = transport-udp

Please file an issue[1]. PJSIP configuration doesn’t reload if nothing has changed, and I think it is currently unaware that the ACL portion has changed.


Thank you for your response. I filed an issue.

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