Connecting polycom phone from remote network

I have an asterisk installation running on an older fedora install through a JetDirect card with Optonline and one line. Asterisk is running on an internal 192.168 network.

I’d like to configure a Polycom IP450 phone on a remote network to connect to this internal network. The remote network uses a Linksys style internal IP router. I don’t know yet what specific router model number is being used for Internet connectivity at the remote location.

Assuming it supports an IPSec VPN, is the best procedure to build a site-to-site VPN between the fedora box using openswan and the IPSec VPN built-in to the Linksys?

Do you know of specific instructions on how this all might be done, including any integration with asterisk? Are there specific things I should know about how to configure asterisk when doing this, or is it just treated as being on the local 192.168 network?

A VPN is the preferred approach. This should be invisible to Asterisk and the phone.

Thanks very much. I’ll investigate what VPN options are available on the Linksys.

I initially thought it was a Linksys router used at the remote location. It’s instead a TrendNet TEW-633GR and it doesn’t appear that it’s possible to set up a VPN using this router.

I realize this isn’t specifically related to asterisk, but do you have any suggestions on the best way to create a VPN such that asterisk packets can be routed through it?

Perhaps there’s a road warrior document out there that shows a few simple methods or devices? Would it be best to post this as a separate thread? Perhaps you have suggestions for where else I might go for assistance, if not here?