Setting up DAHDI

I have a fresh install of Asterisk 11.8.1 and am putting a Digium TE435 4 T1 card in it for ISDN PRI.
I can get the card to be recognised by the DAHDI utilities but when I put in the file CHAN_DAHDI.CONF with either the generated file from samples with what seem to be appropriate settings or with the basic config as outlined on the DAHDI install guide the Asterisk CORE SHOW HELP display is missing all the DAHDI and PRI commands.

If I remove the CHAN_DAHDI.CONF file and restart Asterisk the commands magically reappear. I have gone back and checked on menuselect but don’t see anything obvious that I have missed to support this function.

I have run out of ideas on how to integrate this. The documentation makes it sound pretty simple but I have been fighting this for a week now with no success. Any suggestions on what I am missing would be greatly appreciated.

Steve VanWambeck

File names are case sensitive.

Look for parse errors when Asterisk is starting, or try reloading the module and checking for parse errors, then.

Yes, I put the file names in all caps to set them off. They are in lower case in the directory.

When I do a “core reload” I don’t see any parse errors. I don’t see a command to reload the DAHDI as those commands are all missing! I did remove the “chan_dahdi.conf” file, tried to do a “core reload” but that didn’t change anything. When I did a “core restart now” and re-entered the program the menu items have returned.

I am not seeing any parse errors from the module reload command:

asteriskpbxCLI> module reload

The truncated output from “core show help” is:

core stop when convenient Shut down Asterisk at empty call volume
core waitfullybooted Wait for Asterisk to be fully booted
data get Data API get
data show providers Show data providers
… …
resencestate change Change a custom presence state
presencestate list List currently know custom presence states
realtime destroy Delete a row from a RealTime database
realtime load Used to print out RealTime variables.

I can restart the asteriskpbx process without the “chan_dahdi.conf” file and all the dahdi and pri commands are present. The “chan_dahdi.conf” file I am loading is a basic file from the DAHDI instructions. Even the sample file will not correctly load up either.

asteriskpbx@asteriskpbx:/etc/asterisk$ cat chan_dahdi.conf

usecallerid = yes
hidecallerid = no
callwaiting = yes
usecallingpres = yes
callwaitingcallerid = yes
threewaycalling = yes
transfer = yes
canpark = yes
cancallforward = yes
callreturn = yes
echocancel = yes
echocancelwhenbridged = yes
relaxdtmf = yes
rxgain = 0.0
txgain = 0.0
group = 1
callgroup = 1
pickupgroup = 1
immediate = no
switchtype = 5ess
signalling = pri_cpe
context = incoming
echocancel = yes
channel = 1-23

svanwambeck: Were you ever able to get this resolved? If not you should contact Digium technical support for the quickest resolution since your trying to install a new PRI card. My bet is that it’s something specific with your installation.

You might also try running asterisk in the foreground to see if you get better error messages:


$ # Shut down any instance running in background
$ asterisk -rx 'core stop now'
$ asterisk -c -vvvvdddd

Also, instead of reload, I would try unload follow by load.