Setting up Asterisk to accept incoming and outbound calls


im just new to Asterisk…can anyone help me configure how to accept incoming calls and also making outbound calls with Asterisk…

i already read so many articles regarding and i also tried it but no one works… :frowning:

i used this hardware setting up with my Asterisk:

Linksys PAP2T - ATA
Linksys IP Phone SPA921
Asterisk 1.4
Ubuntu 9.04

i want to setup 4 IP Phones …when someone calls outside i want the ATA transfer it to the Asterisk server then transfer it calls to the ip phone… pls help…

thanks in advance…


your ATA (PAP2T) have no FXO ports so you could not connect it to the PSTN lines.
I recommend you to define first the internal extensions and play with them.
after you understand Asterisk dialplan and how it works you could go further and try to make outgoing calls.
next step will be to create the logic for the incoming calls.


hi thanks for the reply… anyways i understand how the dialplan works…and i already make some of it…
can you show me how can i make incoming calls?

P.S. just want to confirm it to you if my set up with my hardware is correct…

instead of plugging in the analog phone to line 1 i plug the directly the telephone line (Telephone company) to the line1 and then i connect the ATA to my router where my asterisk machine and IP phone were connected… is my setup is correct? :smile:

thanks so much… :smiley:

you need help for answering incoming calls?
please post your flow and I hope I could help you - but without explaining (with details) what you have and what you expect to be done I could not guess it.


my flow is like this…

someone is calling from the outside (using the number provided by the Telephone company) so i want the ATA to receive it and transfer it to the asterisk and i want to make the asterisk transfer the call to my default/main ip phone…

what ATA are you using? as I have told you PAP2T could not be connected to your PSTN line.
you have to use an ATA with at least 1 FXO port - like SPA3102


so my PAP2T is useless? i can’t use it for incoming calls ?

exactly - you could connect to this ATA only analog phones (FXS port) and not a normal PSTN line (which require FXO port)

ok thanks i guess i should buy that SPA3102…

can we use the PAP2T ATA device to make an outbound calls? like i will try to call an local telephone number using my IP Phone is it possible with my current ATA device? thanks so much i really appreciate it :slight_smile:

btw what if i want to use a card instead of ATA can you give me some common card that can be used with my asterisk ?


This requires a commercial VoSP, i.e. CallCentric, etc., to handle calls from a SIP network to PSTN networks.

If you have a Gizmo5 (G5) account condigured on an Asterisk PBX system (asterisk-1.6.x with Bridge() function) with an AGI scripts file like this Google Voice (GV) DialOut, you can place/receive free calls to/from almost any US PSTN networks through your telephone unit connected to your ATA device configured as an extension to your Asterisk PBX system. This also requires that you have configured your GV account to forward its incoming calls to your G5 account.


could you share exactly how an FXS port could made an outbound call (on a PSNT line)? I have some doubts but I learn each day new things…


ok so i can’t use my current ATA if i don’t have account like that? i guess i will just by a ATA with an FXO port… can you guys give me any suggestions like what is the best thing to buy a card or an ATA? thanks :mrgreen: