Setting up a Sip-SS7 Lab

I am using the Trixbox version od Asterisk.

I would like to set up a test lab for the purpose of learning and experimenting with SIP and SS7. I would like to use F-links. Please visit the following graphic representation to get a better idea on what I’d ike to do:

Neither configuration will have access to the internet or the PSTN.
If this is doable, what would be the most economical hardware to use and what software would I need to install?

I appreciaate your responses.


Look up … terisk+SS7 and post to asterisk-ss7 mailing list?

Yea, I’ve done that already. no responses.

All i want to know is if I can use f-links either between 2 asterisks (trixboxes) or a single looped f-link on a single box???