Setting up a minimal callcenter functionality in Asterisk


I’ve set up an Asterisk 1.2 and now I’m trying to configure a simple call-center queue where I’m facing several problems.

This is my configuration until now:

agent => 201,1234,Agent 1
agent => 202,1234, Agent 2


member => Agent/201   
member => Agent/202


exten => 20,1,Queue(support-schlange) 
exten => 25,1,AgentLogin()

Following an instruction from a book :smile: I’ve created the following in the extensions.conf

exten => 222,1,Answer()                
exten => 222,n,Set(MUSICCLASS()=default)
exten => 222,n,WaitMusicOnHold(20)
exten => 222,n,Hangup()

“The Book” tells me now to call the 222 and enjoy the MOH. I can call this number and my client tells me “connected”, but all I hear is the tone for occupied line (no nice music).
The Asterisk itself tells me
app_voicemail… leave_voicemail: No entry in voicemail config file for ‘222’

As you already recognized I’m a green Newbie. :laughing:
(btw: basic calls are already possible (so agent 1 can call agent 2 and vice versa).

I’d appreciate your help

Thanks a lot in advance,