Setting ptime 10ms for g722

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I am using currently CentOs as opertating system and Asterisk® Open Source PBX asterisk
Can anyone please tell me how to set ptime 10 ms for g722 in asterisk.
I have tried adding

disallow=all allow=g722:10 in general section but still I am getting ptime 20ms. aslo I want to know is it possible to set ptime 10ms for g722 ? cause I got the packatization min, max, default ptime values table as bellow

g723 30 300 30 30
gsm 20 300 20 20
ulaw 10 150 20 10
alaw 10 150 20 10
g726 10 300 20 10
ADPCM 10 300 20 10
SLIN 10 70 20 10
lpc10 20 20 20 20
g729 10 230 20 10
speex 10 60 20 10
ilbc 30 30 30 30
g726_aal2 10 300 20 10

but g722 is not mentioned there so can any one please tell me what are the min max and default ptime values for g722 codec ?

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What are you using for the phones? If you are using IP Phones, then you should set the packetarization on the IP phone itself.

hi dejanst

           We are using  pjsua1.8 as sip user agent or sip client on linux based  hard phones we are also trying to set it from there but it is also not working .

any help is appreciated.

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See main/frame.c.

10, 150, 20, in multiples of 10.

Where did you get your table from?

These are the figures for trunk. is a buggy minor version of a major version that is no longer supported.

Thanks david

actually I got this table from link … ketization

hi all
how can I make sure asterisk is not overriding ptime 10ms set from phone side ? Or It is asterisk only which is negotiating ptime 20 ms ?

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sip set debug on
core set debug 5 chan_sip
core set verbose 5

Strictly speaking, codecs are not negotiated. Each side says what it is prepared to accept. However Aterisk will restrict what it offers to the intersection of what it can accept and what has been offered, if it makes the second offer.

It is theoretically possible for the codecs chosen in one direction not to overlap those in the other.

If the phone doesn’t specify ptime, Asterisk should send to it with the default. I don’t konw what it actually does.