Setting my own callerid 2 display my num in customer mobile


I have setup a pbx.

Is it possible to set my own caller id in pbx ?

Is this works in chan_dahdi.conf if i add callerid = 1234567890

My PRI vendor already enabled the feature for us. He told me that now i can give any caller id in my pbx and it will display my callerid in my customer mobile. I dont know how to setup that. Some forums says that there is an option in chan_dahdi.conf. But i dont know where it is actually.

Is there any other options available to display my own caller id in my customer mobile ?

Use the Set(CALLERID(num)=1234567890) in your dialplan, before you dial out.



let me try this…

but is it work if i use the settings below in chan_dahdi.conf

[color=#FF4000]; caller ID can be set to “asreceived” or a specific number if you want to
; override it. Note that “asreceived” only applies to trunk interfaces.
; fullname sets just the
; fullname: sets just the name part.
; cid_number: sets just the number part:
;callerid = 123456
;callerid = My Name <2564286000>
; Which can also be written as:
;cid_number = 2564286000
;fullname = My Name[/color]

Thanks again