Enable Caller ID

Hi All,

When we try to call patients on their mobiles it shows as an unlisted number and they often will not answer the phone. This could be changed so it showed our practice number 01 11223344 - Is this possible? If so Please can you help me to fix this issue ?

What have you already done to try and set the caller ID?

Is the number you want to present that of the line you are using to make the call?

Which channel technology are you using, e.g DAHDI analogue, DAHDI Digital, etc.?

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Please advice in which file and where i need to check this.

I saw this link on google. But where on which File under which directlory do i need to set the same ?
will it be done from the Asterisk side or the Service provider which is mynetfone here in my case.


If you don’t know which file, you need to ask the person who wrote your dialplan.

The person who wrote dialplan has left the Organization :frowning:

Thanks John. Please is it possible, if we both can come on team viewier and work on this.