CDR(userfield) not working after upgrade to 1.3.0

Hello! Yesterday I made an upgrade from 10.0.0 to 10.3.0

After that I get empty userfield in my MySQL CDR database. CDR is set by me in dialplan using this:

exten => h,1,Set(CDR(userfield)=${QEHOLDTIME})

What can be wrong? Thank you.

What is your asterisk log ? Are u using MYSQL or other database to save CDR? if yes which method are u using ? cdr_mysql or odbc?

Hello! I’m using cdr_mysql.conf to write to MySQL. I was setting userfield CDR variable in my diaplan and it was succesfully passed to MySQL database when I had version 10.0.0
but after upgrade to 10.3.0 this doesn’t work anymore. But in asterisk log I still see:

Executing [h@groupon_queue0_ctxt:1] Set(“SIP/mks-000010a3”, “CDR(userfield)=2”) in new stack

But that ‘2’ never gets to database.

what is the output of following command ?
asterisk -rx "cdr mysql status "

( Its better to use cdr_adaptive_odbc instead of cdr_mysql )


It says:

Connected to asterisk on socket file default using table cdr for 4 hours, 13 minutes, 25 seconds.
Wrote 2507 records since last restart and 1042 records since last reconnect.

I would be happy to use cdr_adaptive_odbc - but there is nothing in docs or config files that describes how to set it up.

It helped to replace




and create a column named qeholdtime

Looks like userfield variable gets eaten for some reason in ver 10.3.0

Looks like fix: … ?cs=358978