Seriously in over my head and need help

Hello All,

I recently got thrown into a project when one of our employees unexpectedly retired. He was our guru at dial plans (of course). I was hoping to have a nice ramp up time to learn this technology, but like many things that didn’t happen.

I need some guidance on how to best implement the following dial plan:
I need to:
1 - Generate a page or conf call from a predefined list of extensions
2 - I need to force them off a call if they are on an existing call
3 - I need it to NOT auto answer but ring for 90 seconds before giving up
4 - When the originator of the page or conf call hangs up I need it to force everyone out of the page\conf

A bit more:

  • currently running on Asterisk 1.8.24 (i know it’s an old version but moving is not an option yet)
  • i’m using SIP devices I don’t have time to modify the sip clients for handling anything special so dial plan is what i’m hoping for
  • lastly i needed a solution like yesterday so i’m already screwed but still need to resolve this

Any guidance, examples, etc that you can give me would be greatly appreciated !!

Start in

I made this small example for you.

This dial plan hangs all the active calls on all the listed devices. And then will dial to them for 90 seconds, If any of them answer the call it will be sent to a conference room.

If I understood your request correctly, this code It is almost what you are requesting. but you need to add some modifications, I don’t have time to do it all from scratch for you. So you do the rest
Hope this can help you.