Serious Network Trouble?

Hi guys
finally i installed asterisk and freepbx on 1 remote machine, this is my configuration:

Freepbx 12.0.37
Asterisk 13.2.0

I have this problem, when i go on cli i receive this 2 messages:

2015-02-12 23:59:59] ERROR[1564]: chan_sip.c:4219 __sip_reliable_xmit: Serious Network Trouble; __sip_xmit returns error for pkt data
[2015-02-12 23:59:59] NOTICE[1564]: chan_sip.c:15348 sip_reg_timeout: – Registration for '’ timed out, trying again (Attempt #5)

What does it mean?
I can register user and i can speak user by user but i can not make outgoing calls and i can not receive call (never arrive call on my server)

What i can do?
Thank You

Based on my personal experience , this issue is caused when exist misconfiguration in any of the SIP options.

you mean telefon configuration or asterisk/freepbx configuration?
I have to reinstall all from 0?? :frowning:

This is on the asterisk side, I suspect it is on your trunk configuration. could you please post your trunk configuration.

i try to reinstall all and now it working 90% :smile:

  • I can call all user
  • I can call mobile phone and “home phone”

but i don’t receive call if i try to call my number

I copyed trunk from my old server (it now is working), this is the incoming trunk

Why on old server (in my office) it work and with this new server (on server farm in cloud) it not work?

change type from friend to peer

localnet = net.ip.addr/subnet.mask This option is only recognized under the [general] section of the sip.conf.

nat=yes is deprecated, use nat=force_rport,comedia

enable sip debug ( sip set debug on)