Separate server for voicemail

Has anyone here configured a separate server for storing voicemail? For that matter a separate server for storing CDR as well? How about failover?

You can store voicemail and CDR’s in a database on another server. Look into ODBC storage on

I am using MySQL to store CDR on the same server using the configuration files (with modification) that came with asterisk. I have yet been able to get the ODBC drivers installed. I get as far as the instruction shown below.

app_odbcexec.c /usr/src/asterisk/apps/
vi /usr/src/asterisk/apps/Makefile&nbsp +28 app_odbcexec.o
$(CC) $(SOLINK) -o $@ $< -lodbc

The part that doesn’t make sense to me is the modification of the Make file. I don’t know enough about the structure to edit this file correctly. Any help would be appreciated. I’m using 1.2.9.